I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. For me, it was packed with outdoor activities and some weather shockers. First off, I hosted a park day on Sunday with a lot of friends and it was cut short due to the threat for strong storms! A tornado watch had been issued and we packed up and left due to the threat.


There were plenty of severe weather reports in Colorado over the weekend but for right now. I want to touch base on what is happening in Ohio. A large EF-3 (preliminary rating) tornado tore through northern suburbs of Dayton, OH. This, unfortunately, has left at least one dead and about 2 dozen others injured. Damage is looking very scary as this was a nighttime tornado in a populated area. Recipe for disaster.

Photo by: Jeremy Kelly. Dayton.com staff

This severe weather comes after weeks of severe weather. Since May 16th, 2019, there have been 895 reports of damaging hail. 1,860 reports of damaging wind and 382 tornado reports! These are also preliminary reports so what will happen is this list will get condensed and any repeat reports will be dropped. Essentially, these numbers aren’t set in stone but they do give us a great idea of how vast and large this severe weather stretch has been.

5.27.2019 Storm tracks 

Meanwhile, here in Colorado, severe weather has made itself very present as well. Just since Friday, May 24, 2019, there have been 26 tornado reports, 17 damaging wind reports and over 80 reports of hail. None of the tornadoes caused much damage and no injuries have been reported. Good news there. We do continue with a severe weather threat today. Primarily on the far Eastern Plains. For Denver, expect some showers and storms to continue through the evening. Some will have thunder, lightning, and small hail but they should remain below severe limits for the metro area.

Thunderstorm Outlook for 5.28.2019 

Busy, busy. And it doesn’t stop there! The mountains are picking up MORE snow! This system is just cold enough to bring in some great snow for the higher elevations. Last week I mentioned this chance for snow and it turns out, this system is a little stronger than I anticipated and now there are winter weather alerts posted. This isn’t bad news by any means. It means more snowpack and a healthier snowmelt season coming up. Some of the highest peaks could pick up a foot and a half of snow! But many areas will average between 6-10″. 

Winter weather alerts posted through Wednesday

Phew. Now, over the next week and a half or so. Temperatures should remain around average and precipitation should stay close to, enough not above, average for the near term. Highs in Denver will go from the 50s today and tomorrow to the 70s by the end of the week! The mountains will also see a gradual warmup through the week.

~Rain or shine
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  1. I’m really enjoying this weather blog. You give it a nice personal touch, but describe the weather happenings over the entire nation. I feel like I’m not missing anything, not watching weather on tv. Interesting. Of course I am biased!! But I’m truthful! Good job.

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