Holy moly it’s warm out! I walked over to target and in that 10 minute time, I was pretty much dripping sweat. And the heat is not going to get better. It’s going to get worse.

For today, a few more storms this afternoon followed by cleaning tonight. Overnight lows will be mild – only dipping into the 60s and some nights not making it out of the 70s.

Wednesday will feature a bit more sunshine than today and with that comes warmer temperatures. I’m not thinking we will hit 100º tomorrow but we will be in the upper 90s. Isolated thunderstorms will be around but they will be rather limited. So, heat is the main story.

Thursday, that’s the day where 100º looks probable. thanks to dry, zonal flow, thunderstorms and cloud cover will be minimal if existent at all. Drink so much water – as it’s going to be hotttt. And just so you know, we are not the only ones battling the heat. Actually, our heat is rather tame compared to the rest of the Country. That last time we hit 100º in the city was last year on June 14th I believe.

Heat advisories and warning up in every highlighted area

Friday, again, another day with temperatures breaking 100º. The NWS (National Weather Service) is actually calling for highs to be near 102º for Thursday AND Friday… ouch. Friday will be dry as well, yes a few clouds but I’d be surprised if any rain comes from them.

Saturday we begin a slight cool down. Highs should back off into the mid to upper 90s (so not much relief, but we will likely NOT hit 100º). By Saturday our DSW (Desert South West) ridge of high pressure will realign itself nicely to bring a little bit of moisture back into the state. This will result in an isolated t-storm on Saturday.

Sunday, temperatures are actually going to drop. Thanks to a cold front moving through, highs on Sunday may only be in the lower to mid-80s and I’m being liberal with that. Some models are suggesting that we may not get out of the 70s for highs! What up weather whiplash. With the added lift of a cold front, storms will be probably on Sunday and that brings us into the next workweek.

Next week looks similar to the beginning of this week. Warm with afternoon clouds and thunderstorms around.

That’s all I have for now!

enjoy the weather.

~Rain or Shine
I’m Andy Stein

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