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Happy Hump day! It’s been a beautiful day here in Colorado. It’s been very comfortable out, low dewpoints and temps in the 70s. I’d say that’s a good June day.

The weather is going to change up a bit from this point on. We have a weak ridge moving over the state and that will bring warmer temperatures but also an increase in moisture to the region. Then we’ll see a chance for more organized storms this weekend

Thursday – Friday — Warm. Highs in the 80s. Slight rain chances. Some storms could have hail and gusty winds but sever activity is going to be held to a minimum
Saturday-Sunday — Storm chances go up as a few shortwaves move across the region. This, coupled with CAPE levels rising and PWAT (Precipitable water) levels rising means the chance for a few strong storms and gust winds with a lot of heavy rain.
Next Week: showers chances continue through Tuesday. Then we gradually warm and dry throughout the week.

You pretty much know the deets. But let’s dive into Thursday and Friday. As a ridge moves over the region, it will bring some of the heat the west has been feeling to the area. Highs will rise in the mid-80s for Denver and even higher for the SE Plains and 60s/70s will be widespread in the mountains. Rain chances, as they normally do, will start in the high terrain and continue to traverse out onto the Plains where showers will encounter a little more energy and moisture meaning the showers will gain strength and have the possibility to create small hail and gusty winds. Shouldn’t have many severe storms but an isolated one is not out of the question

This weekend is looking a little bit wetter. Rain chances are going up for Saturday and Sunday. The good news is the temperatures will cool just a bit and fall back into the mid to upper 70s. We’ll have some pretty cloudy weather around but it won’t be awful. We are looking at the possibility of some strong storms Saturday afternoon into Saturday night. If you have outdoor plans, plan on a backup just in case. I think a lot of the rain and showers will happen further east than Denver but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all.

Early next week we continue with a few weak shortwaves (disturbances in the jet stream) moving across the region. This keeps rain chances around but also keeps our temperatures at bay. We finally begin to dry out and warm up again through the rest of next week.

Snowpack is melting quite quick right now! There have been many reports of water rescues and unfortunately two deaths already due to swift waters. Please be safe. Snowmelt will be high Thursday and Friday but will subside slightly as cloudier and cooler weather moves overhead.

Keep it fun!

~Rain or shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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