What’s up, weather fam?! This week was cool, cloudy and even icy at times as we had some potent cold stuck in place along the Plains. We had a nice reprieve from that Thursday but the clouds are back as our next storm(s) approach.

It’s a cloudy morning across the Mile High!

We should see the sun peak out this afternoon and if it does, it’ll warm us up quickly but if not, we’ll be cooler than expected today.

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The incoming storm will be 90% a mountain storm and 10% a storm for the Plains.

Starting with the Plains and I-25 corridor. First off, the pattern from now through March 20th, continues to look active. Blues and green denote areas of unsettled and cool weather. Areas of oranges and red denote warmer and drier weather.

We’re nicely in that time of the year where our storminess is quickly replaced by sunshine and warmth and we’ll see a good deal of ups and downs over the next week or two.

Our first storm which is rolling through the High Plains was the storm that *could’ve* brought us a nice storm right now but it has shifted way far north for any major impacts for the cities. We’ll see a brief (but nice) warmup followed by another round of cool – and snow?

The storm this weekend is giving the mountains a lot of snow but the Plains may actually get rain showers from this more than anything. Here’s an animated look at what the radar may look like through the weekend.

As the mountains get slammed with 1-2 FEET of snow, the Plains will get the remnants of that. Overall, don’t expect an impactful storm for the I-25 corridor this weekend. That is not the case for the mountains. More details on that below.

In terms of precip (since we’re talking rain chances), they’ll be light but non-zero.

Overall, not a huge rain/precip maker but again, we’re talking more rain chances than anything for the Urban Corridor. More south. Castle Rock to Trinidad could see a tenth to a quarter inch of precip this week at best. For the Palmer Divide and Raton Mesa, I can’t rule out the chance for some flakes but again, we shouldn’t see any roads issues becuase of the light amount of moisture that could be around.

Here’s a look at Denver’s forecast over the next week. You’ll notice the ups and downs I was mentioning above.

A cooling weekend followed by a warmer Monday and Tuesday followed by a cooler midweek. The bouts of coller weather will be the storms that are passing by. While snow chances are around over the next 7 days around Denver, none of the chances looking light anything worth mentioning at this point but you know how quickly that changes around here.

The image above – read it vertically. The dates are on the bottom. The more little bars that are filled in and stacked on each other, the better chance for snow on that date. Right around St. Patricks Day looks a bit busier around town with snow chances so keep checking back for more.

Since the Plains aren’t the focal point this go around – LET’S TALK MOUNTAIN SNOW!

Mountain Snow

The mountains are about to get a helluva storm! It’s all remants of the atmospheric river that’s slamming California (Again).


🏔️ ⛷️ 🏂 Colorado mountain forecast. Whos ready to shred that gnar gnar pow pow this week?! #colorado #mountains #skiforecast #skiing #snowboarding

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Winter storm alerts are rampant across the west as storminess continues.

The amount of snow that California and Utah has gotten this season is unfathomable and they are about to get slammed with more. Check out the forecast for the Sierra Nevada right now!

SEVERAL mountain passes are forecast to have over 100″ of snow by Sunday. Wild.

Colorado will be doing just fine with our snow totals, but they won’t be anywhere near 100″.

In general, just about every ski area should see 1-2 feet of snow by the end of day Saturday. Some areas of the central and San Juan mountains could see up to 30″ – looking at you Crested Butte and Wolf Creek.

This snow has already started in the high country.

If you’re traveling in the high country, it’s going to be messy messy. Those weekend warriors riding up to catch the pow – got on ya. It’s going to be nasty on I-70.

As you saw above on that pretty map with oranges and blues – we have several waves of storminess coming through. This is just the first round for the mountains. The next round comes through the middle of next week and right now, is looking equally as impressive in terms of snow totals for the mountains.

Here’s another look at snow totals through Sunday morning.

With this storm, we’ll also be expected some 30-50 mph winds so blowing snow and low visibility will also be expected.

So, overall, if you’re going to the mountains now through Sunday – prepare for some really tough travel but some really great powder conditions.

Enjoy the weather, y’all! We’re transitioning into Spring so the weather always gets crazier and more fun (to me)!

~ Andy


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