Deep sigh. It’s been a tough few days y’all. The news of the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs is just…well it’s just a sign of the division we still face across this state and across the country. This isn’t a news blog so I don’t need to get into the weeds of it but since I’m gay, I felt it necessary to speak out a least a little bit. I’m sending good vibes to everyone affected by this and I’ll continue to, as always, fight the good fight to stand up for what I believe in and to protect those around me that may be different.

Now, onto the weather!

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Last week, there were signs of a little disturbance skirting the state and throwing show snow showers to areas of the northern colorado mountains. That has now come into better focus and the chance for some snow has increased for those along the Urban corridor and the risk of cold temperatures returning is back back back again.

Our storm is currently moving onshore the PNW.

This storm will race down the spine of the Rockies through the end of the week bringing the cold and snow we’re expecting.

Since we only have a quick window of opportunity here for snow to fall, and accumulate, we won’t be talking about we high snow totals.

It will be enough to give a refresh on the ski hills, potentially cause some tough driving conditions in the high country and maybe will linger long enough to have snow falling on Thanksgiving morning for the I-25 corridor.

Here’s a look at what the radar could look like from noon Wednesday to Thursday evening.

The Central and Northern mountains will see snow initially but then the snow will move into the Front Range as just enough upslope gets going to produce snow showers. The system is diving into NM and TX where it’ll deepen and become a full blown storm for the central US.

The best chance of snow in and around Denver, Boulder, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs is from Wednesday late night to Thursday mid-day. The SW Foothills of Denver (Highlands Ranch, Bailey, etc) and the Palmer Divide (Parker, Castle Rock, Monument, Perry Park, etc) will have the best chance for 1-3″ of snow. Denver and Colorado Springs are only expecting up to an inch with this storm. Areas around Ft. Collins may not see anything.

Here’s a look at the expected snow totals and the high end of what could occur. If the models keep trending wetter, we may need to nudge these up just a tiny bit.

Thanksgiving morning you’ll need to be ready for a potentially snowy and slick drive on I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs. Additionally, mountain locations will also have a snowy Wednesday evening and Thursday morning on I-70 and points north.

It will get a bit gusty out there Wednesday afternoon. The cold front should push through Denver around noon. Earlier for Ft. Collins and a bit later for Colorado Springs. Winds could gust to 20-35 mph at times. A bit higher in wind-prone areas.

The other talking point is the cold coming. Again.

This time though, it’ll be much shorter-lived. Thursday, Thanksgiving, will be the coldest day of the upcoming 7. Highs will struggle to get out of the 30s for much of the I-25 corridor. Even colder air for the mountains.

We rebound nicely Friday and Saturday as ridging takes hold.

There are potentially a couple more areas of interest to watch as we close out November. Keep an eye on the forecast around the 29th. Another round of cold and snow could approach then.

It’s been a snowy November and we may continue that trend.

Enjoy the holiday, y’all and be kind to one another.


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