The upcoming snowstorm for Denver is no doubt going to be impactful. With such big talk about the upcoming snowstorm, I wanted to see how it compared to other snowstorms we’ve had in Denver throughout previous November’s and previous seasons for that matter.

Turns out, yeah, this is actually forecast to be a record-breaker. Not only could this storm be one of the biggest 2-day totals we’ve ever seen in November, but this storm could also put us in the running for top 5 snowiest Novembers on record.

Because this storm could land us in top tier status in multiple areas, I’m going to break it down by record type.


Top 20 1-Day snow totals for November 

This chart shows the top twenty 1-day snow totals for any November day. That time scale is from midnight to midnight. I look at this chart because snow will start late Monday evening but a good chunk of the snow will fall on Tuesday. It’s likely we end up in the top 20 territory but depending on how much officially falls on Tuesday, we could land in the top 10 or even in top 5 territory.


Top 20 2-day snow totals in November 

Since this will officially be a 2-day snow event, here’s a look at the biggest 2-day snowfall event’s in Denver. If we end up with the currently forecast 11″ of snow, Denver would land in the top 10. If we get slightly more, it’s possible Denver land’s in the top 5 biggest 2-day snowstorms on record.


Top 2-day total any month of the year 

For this parameter, I looked at the top 30 largest 2-day snow totals for any time of the year. I look at top 30 because there are significantly more instances of large 2-day snow totals when looking at the entire season. With that said, if we end up with over a foot of snow with this storm, it will land Denver in the top 30. Something of note with this chart, there’s noticeably more big 2-day snowstorms in March and April rather than any other month of the year.


TOP 20 2-day precipitation days in November 

I’m looking at liquid precipitation here. I chose this because it’s not typical so see a lot of moisture with our snowstorms outside of April and March but this snowstorm but provide us with over an inch of liquid precipitation. If it were to do so, this storm may land Denver in the top 5 wettest 2-day storms! That’s great news for the little bit of drought that we have across the region.


Top November snow totals 

So far at Denver International Airport, we have received 3.7″ of snow. At the Denver/Stapleton reporting station, there was 4″ of snow reported so far this month. This is as of Sunday, November 24, 2019. With 11″ of snow forecast, that would put our monthly total over 14″. That would put this month in the top 15 snowiest November’s ever. There is the chance that Denver receives more than 11″ of snow with this upcoming storm which would heighten our ranking. Also, there is more snow in the forecast beyond this storm so we’re looking at this being a top snowy November.

NOTE: All of the charts are created from data at the Denver/Stapleton reporting station. This station is more representative to me of what Downtown Denver gets. The official weather reporting station for Denver is currently stationed at Denver International Airport. The distance between DEN airport and downtown is significant enough to cause rather impressive differences in weather information.

~Snow or shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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